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A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is now a standard requirement for many leadership positions in business, from front-line managers to executives in the C-suite. Having an MBA can help you move up in your current industry, change careers, or even start your own company. MBA graduates also tend to see a significant return on their investment, in the form of higher salary and a wider field of job opportunities.

Earning your MBA, however, can be a challenge—especially when you work full time.

At Fitchburg State University, it’s possible to complete a master’s in business without disrupting your life. You can choose from multiple 100% online MBA programs, all designed to meet the needs of working professionals. Fitchburg State’s accelerated online courses also give you the freedom to study at your own pace and finish faster than you might in a traditional on-campus MBA program.

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Complete Coursework: in as few as 12 months  |  Credit Hours: 30  |  Tuition: $12,510

Complete Coursework: in as few as 12 months  |  Credit Hours: 30  |  Tuition: $12,510

Complete Coursework: in as few as 12 months  |  Credit Hours: 30  |  Tuition: $12,510

Complete Coursework: in as few as 12 months  |  Credit Hours: 30  |  Tuition: $12,510

Complete Coursework: in as few as 12 months  |  Credit Hours: 30  |  Tuition: $12,510

Complete Coursework: in as few as 12 months  |  Credit Hours: 30  |  Tuition: $12,510

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How Is the Job Market for MBA Graduates?

MBAs remain in high demand across the globe and continue to see excellent job growth in a variety of industries. According to the most recent Corporate Recruiters Survey released by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), MBA graduates are in high demand.


MBA graduates are in demand. 93% of the Fortune Global 500 and 91% of all public companies plan to hire MBA talent in the year ahead.

— Graduate Management Admissions Council

National employment data from Burning Glass Technologies indicates that two of the top states for MBA recruiting – New York and Massachusetts – are in New England. Project management is the most sought-after MBA skill among that region's employers, and Certified Public Accountant is the credential most frequently requested.

What Are Some of the Top Industries Recruiting MBA Grads?

MBAs impact every area of business, but you'll find more of them working in some fields than others. Here are the top industries seeking MBA graduates, according to GMAC.

Energy/Utilities 88%
Healthcare 84%
Consulting 82%
Technology 80%
Finance/Accounting 77%
Manufacturing 76%
Products 70%

Source: Business School Hiring Report, Graduate Management Admissions Council

Employment Trends for MBA Graduates in New England:

amCharts V4 Example - stacked-3D-column-chart

Figures represent employment opportunities in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island.

Source: Burning Glass Technologies, 2019

Is the Post-MBA Salary Bump Real?

Yes, many MBA graduates see a welcome increase in their earning capacity post-MBA. Business school news site Poets & Quants notes that in certain industries, the MBA salary bump can be huge. Some physicians, for example, can actually double their salary with an MBA, by moving into executive positions with hospitals or healthcare systems, or starting a new medical business. P&Q also reports that consultants and investment managers are likely to see a nice pay increase after earning their degree, as are professionals in private equity, marketing and HR.

What Is the Average MBA Salary?

More than half of all companies responding to GMAC's Corporate Recruiter's Survey plan to increase their MBA starting salaries in the year ahead. In fact, the median base salary for new MBA graduates is approaching a record-breaking high of $115,000.

Glassdoor recruiting data from New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts (2019) provides a snapshot of some typical MBA occupations, and what you might earn in different New England cities.

Position Average Base Salary
New York City Boston Manchester
Finance Director $146,266 $138,712 $121,571
Controller $126,485 $121,017 $97,224
Sales Director $125,703 $125,382 $106,964
Human Resources Director $122,052 $118,094 $99,692
Audit Manager $110,905 $106,458 $90,728
Health IT Project Manager $110,813 $105,627 $94,245
Product Marketing Manager $108,148 $101,674 $95,857
Strategy Consultant $108,108 $108,165 $94,429
Regional Manager $99,702 $91,687 $86,110
Accounting Manager $99,510 $94,105 $79,107
Senior Financial Analyst $94,493 $82,120 $78,385
Senior Business Analyst $94,209 $90,464 $80,287
Logistics Operations Manager $85,767 $83,766 $80,230
Project Manager $81,910 $78,161 $68,223
Healthcare Analyst $76,920 $74,036 $70,999

Remember that base salary is just part of what you can earn with an MBA. Many positions that require a master's degree also come with additional financial perks, such as profit-sharing and bonuses that can raise your total annual compensation.

What Are The Fastest-Growing MBA Jobs?

Here are some of the top jobs for MBA graduates in the New England region, and their expected growth rate through 2028:

Occupation Group Growth Projected Through 2028 25th Percentile Salary Average Salary 75th Percentile Salary
Marketing Specialists 18.8% $80,606 $96,978 $103,548
Financial Managers 18.6% $95,127 $98,930 $107,396
Business Analysis 14.4% $77,148 $90,906 $97,866
Data Analysis and Mathematics 14% $89,792 $103,952 $116,145
Human Resources 11.4% $62,136 $74,289 $89,627
General Managers 10.4% $97,422 $120,787 $131,602

Source: Burning Glass Technologies, 2019

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