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The combination of academic knowledge and real-world experience is highly sought by companies looking to hire business leaders. The online Master of Business Administration in HR Management from Fitchburg State University pairs students with professors who are also experienced business leaders.

Many of Fitchburg State’s MBA students are working professionals. Learning from HR practitioners with advanced academic acumen means students can count on receiving advice and insights they can apply to real-world situations.

A Look at Fitchburg State’s Expert Faculty

Adjunct instructor Denis Fiorentino holds an MBA from Fitchburg State University and a master’s degree in climatology from the University of Rhode Island. He teaches HR management, principles of management, and production management. He has worked as a distribution facility manager for Columbia Tech, a manufacturing company. He offers this advice to his students: “In almost everything you do, either personally or professionally, you get out of it what you put in.”

Patrick Malone holds a J.D. from the Massachusetts School of Law and was the President of Global Medical Supply Inc. from 2004 to 2016. He now teaches courses on management theory and process and organizational behavior. He had this to say about online learning: “Online learning is truly the way to achieve academic success in this busy world we live in. As an online student, you have the opportunity to take a more active role in learning and accessing information than traditional students.”

How Timothy Varner Advanced His HR Career With an Online MBA

Fitchburg State’s online MBA program offered Tennessean Timothy Varner the flexibility he needed to continue working and supporting his family while he tackled studies. When Varner was nearing program completion, he landed a new job with a multinational corporation. He found Fitchburg State’s faculty knowledgeable about the HR field.

“The professors I’ve had for the core classes are professionals and know what they’re doing,” Varner said. “They’re HR people who are teaching classes. Being able to talk to them and ask questions to clarify things has helped a lot. The fact that they aren’t just professors and they have tons of experience doing it is big.”

His graduation marked the first time someone in his family earned a master’s degree. With the real-world benefits afforded by Fitchburg State’s online MBA, Varner can now focus on his new career and his family.

Benefit From the Real-world Experience of Fitchburg State’s Faculty

The benefits of an online MBA in HR Management go beyond theoretical knowledge. Many of Fitchburg State’s faculty members have extensive private sector experience. That firsthand knowledge can be valuable, especially when paired with the broad-based curriculum offered through Fitchburg State’s online MBA in HR management.

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