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John Crawley, Assistant Professor


“Average is easy. Be something better. Success in anything requires hard work, preparation, and diligence. Be the most prepared person in the room. And... always be courageous in leading.”

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Dr. Beverley Hollingsworth, MBA Program Chair and Professor


“I wanted to help students learn. Scholarship is a tradition in my family and I tried to avoid becoming a teacher, but could not. I had good teachers in my early stages of learning and wanted to make a difference in the lives of students as they try to comprehend the various topics and application of the same.”

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Dr. Michael Leamy, Instructor


“My main goal is for students to take away applications that they can apply to their current personal and professional lives.”

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Dr. Audrey Pereira, Assistant Professor


“Teaching provides me with great satisfaction as I positively impact my students' lives and help them reach their goals.”

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Denise Simion, Visiting Instructor


“I have a passion for helping people obtain their highest ability. This passion has led me to thoroughly enjoy creating pragmatic engaging courses that allow people to develop.”

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Denis Fiorentino, Adjunct Instructor

“In almost everything you do, either personally of professionally, you get out of it what you put in. There is no substitute for hard work. Surround yourself with good people that compliment your strengths and weaknesses and listen to the people who do the job.”

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Diane P. Caggiano, Professor

“I hope all of my students will have sharpened their analytical skills, increased their ability to express themselves in the form of written communication, and become better decision makers and problem solvers.”

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Dr. Michael Greenwood, Professor

Michael Greenwood

“There is nothing more honorable than to be called upon to lead others in an endeavor. It takes training and commitment to grow and learn each day as a manager and leader.”

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Dr. Kay Kwahng Kim, Associate Professor

Kay Kwahng Kim

“[I would like my students] to become global corporate citizens, to understand business culture standards and ethics.”

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Dr. Patrick Malone, Adjunct Professor

“Online learning is truly the way to achieve academic success in this busy world we live in. As an online student, you have the opportunity to take a more active role in learning and accessing information than traditional students.”

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Dr. Renee Scapparone, Department Chair/ Assistant Professor

Renee Scapparone

“I have been passionate about wanting to teach since an early age and find fulfillment to my passion when I see my students succeed through their academic and professional efforts.”

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John L. Crawley, Assistant Professor

“Average is easy. Be something better. Success in anything requires hard work, preparation, and diligence. Be the most prepared person in the room. And... always be courageous in leading.”

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Joshua Douds, Principal & Adjunct Faculty

Joshua Douds

“Make sure you are pacing yourself on all the assignments and readings. Ask your instructor clarifying questions as often as possible. Be proactive, not reactive with all class work”

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Monica Mohr, Principal & Adjunct Faculty

Monica Mohr

“Since this class is only seven weeks, please stay on top of your assignments. Communicate often and proactively”

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Dr. Phillip Saisa, Faculty

“I believe that it is critical to prepare aspiring school leaders for the challenges of a leadership role in today's educational landscape.”

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Dr. Silvia Romero-Johnson, Adjunct Faculty

“I want my students to develop a deep understanding of the learning process that each individual child goes through, and the systemic alignment of resources, including curriculum development, to address student needs.”

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Dr. Patricia A. Smith, Visiting Associate Professor

“I have loved every moment of working with teachers and teacher candidates as they strive to move forward in their careers.”

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Abigail M. Rigney, Visiting Instructor

“It's my hope that students take away meaningful information that they can put in to practice. I also hope that they make meaningful connections with one another in an effort to build their professional network.”

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Mary E. Scott, Visiting Lecturer

“I want my students to take away an appreciation for the importance of strong, positive human relations from class.”

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Dr. Maryann Perry, Educational Consultant

MaryAnn Perry

“In the field of education, students need to be the center of all the instruction. It is the job of the educator to give all students the necessary tools to be successful in their career choice.”

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Dr. Barbara Scott Cammuso, Adjunct Professor

“Since I began my nursing career as a nurse with an associate degree who continued to advance my education, I wanted to help other nurses with an associate degree continue their nursing education in an atmosphere where their former education and practice was valued”

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Dr. Deborah Stone, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Graduate Forensic Nursing Program

Dr. Barbara Scott Cammuso

“The most important message is: you will not find what you have neglected to look for. The current state of affairs is that forensic patients and issues surround us, whether or not we are aware”

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