Become a Leader in Accounting With an MBA

When you earn an online Master of Business Administration in Accounting at Fitchburg State University, you are doing more than learning how to crunch numbers. You’re specializing in working with accounting data as well as managing finances and taxes. You’re also taking other courses that will prepare you for leadership and management roles, both in the accounting department and in the company in general.

The MBA Advantage

When you earn an MBA in accounting, you’re getting much more than just knowledge of how to prepare a business’s taxes. In addition to accounting, you’re learning about marketing, organizational behavior and strategic management. According to, all of these skills will help prepare you to either start your own consulting business or move into a management position, and beyond, in your current company.

In addition, with an MBA in accounting you can always choose to take the exam to become a certified public accountant (CPA). Most states count both your undergraduate degree and your MBA toward the 150 hours of education required to sit for the CPA examination. If you do this, you’ll have the ability to sign audits and reports as well as the management and strategic planning skills you’ll need to advance in the company and move into more senior roles even beyond the accounting department.

Even if you’re working as an accountant, being able to see the business’s big picture is essential to your long-term success with the company. Fitchburg State University’s Master of Business Administration in Accounting will help you get the accounting skills you need as well as help you stay abreast of what is happening in the field in general.

More Senior Roles

Many students who graduate with an MBA in accounting end up moving into more senior roles as their careers progress. Some even become chief financial officers (CFOs). The leadership skills you gain in Fitchburg State’s online MBA in Accounting program can help you advance from the accounting department into positions with oversight of a company’s financial well-being.

People who aspire to the role of CFO need the accounting and financial management skills that come from the accounting specialization, as well as the more general business leadership, planning and management skills that MBA students learn. This portfolio of skills will allow you to advance in the accounting department, lead the accounting department and eventually move into roles like corporate controller or chief financial officer — all of which are essential to a company’s financial health.

If you’re passionate about numbers, accounting and financial reporting, an online MBA with a specialty in accounting is a way to both follow your passion for accounting and gain the skills you need to move into management positions. These management skills will help you in your ascent within accounting departments and into more senior management roles.

Learn more about Fitchburg State University’s online MBA in Accounting program.


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