What Will I Learn in an MBA Program?

The decision to pursue an online MBA program can be pivotal to your career. You will want to know as much as possible beforehand to make sure it is the best choice for your particular situation. Here is what you can expect from an online MBA program in general, and what you will learn if you choose to pursue an MBA from Fitchburg State University.

What to Expect

When you start your online MBA program you can expect a heavy concentration of coursework in different areas of business. You may, for example, take classes that cover topics such as communications, project planning and implementation, and organizational behavior, as well as broader coursework in areas of management, finance and accounting. Later courses will typically focus more on your specialization.

Throughout the program, you can expect a combination of individual study as well as group collaboration. For example, you may use videoconferencing to work with others to develop business plans and presentations. This will allow you to network with your peers, which could prove to be beneficial to your career. You will likely be working with professionals in your community as well as others from across the country.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Online MBA programs are designed to allow students to work at their own pace. There are live presentations from professors, but for the most part, you will be able to do your coursework when it is most convenient for you. This is a great help for students who have to balance their work and family life with their online studies.

What Fitchburg State Offers

Fitchburg State University offers comprehensive, convenient online MBA programs. The programs are 100 percent online and you can complete them in as little as a year. Students are required to take a total of 10 courses worth 30 credit hours. These include the following:

  • 18 hours of advanced courses
  • 9 hours of courses concentrated in your area of specialization
  • 3 hours of elective coursework

Courses are designed and taught by Fitchburg State faculty, many of whom are also working professionals.

The school offers online MBA programs in management, accounting and human resources. Here is a quick look at each.

  • MBA in Management – The Fitchburg State online MBA in management gives students the knowledge they need to seek management positions across a wide range of industries.
  • MBA in Accounting – This program teaches business skills as well as specialized financial knowledge, preparing students for careers in management positions such as operations specialties manager, financial manager and others. Graduates will have a significant advantage when pursing careers in these or other areas of accounting or auditing.
  • MBA in Human Resources Management – Students earning an MBA in HR management from Fitchburg State will be well-positioned to pursue jobs in HR areas such as risk management, employee development and many others.

Fitchburg State reviews applications on a continual basis, considering both undergrad GPA as well as professional work experience before accepting prospective students into an online MBA program. However, students are not required to take the GMAT to be accepted. There are multiple start dates throughout the year, so you won’t have wait long once you’ve decided to earn an MBA from Fitchburg.

Learn more about Fitchburg State University’s online MBA programs.


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