Jobs With an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching

The job outlook for qualified educational professionals is expected to grow over the next decade. Potential candidates for these positions will want to take time to research their options and select the training and preparation program that will lead to an exciting and fulfilling career.

Fitchburg State University offers a Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching that is tailored to teachers interested in playing a larger role in implementing curricula and designing effective learning environments.

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching

Educators who enjoy curating classroom experiences, as opposed to handling administrative duties, will want to consider pursuing an advanced degree that focuses on designing curricula.

Mairead Kelly’s article about jobs available to master’s in C&I graduates notes the growth of digitized learning and organizations within and outside the education sector seeking skilled candidates with expertise in curriculum. In addition to career coordinator, academic coach, and content area expert, the following opportunities are available to graduates of advanced degree programs in curriculum and instruction.

Instructional Coordinator

Instructional coordinators are responsible for determining how subject matter is taught, and subsequently assessing the overall effectiveness of instructional methods. Their academic responsibilities include the following:

  • Mentoring fellow teachers to offer suggestions for improvement
  • Reviewing educational material, including textbooks, for potential classroom use
  • Instructing teachers on how to implement emerging educational technology
  • Presenting new learning standards

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics places the 2020 median salary for instructional coordinators at $66,970 per year.

Corporate Training and Development Specialists

Most businesses in the private sector need employee training programs to ensure optimize staff performance. Developing these programs is the responsibility of specialists who assess the needs of an organization and tailor training programs for staff. The other essential duties of a corporate training specialist include:

  • Creating training manuals and online learning experiences
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing training materials and classes
  • Facilitating training programs for current or new employees
  • Researching trends or best practices in the field of corporate training

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics places the 2020 median salary for corporate training and development specialists at $62,700 per year.

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching (Non-Licensure) online program from Fitchburg State University offers affordable tuition, multiple start dates and an accelerated format that makes it ideal for working professionals. With courses like Differentiating Content Instruction and Dynamic Perspectives in Education, the online M.Ed. program equips educators to solve problems and address the key issues they face.

Learn more about Fitchburg State University’s M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching (Non-Licensure) online program.


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