Flexible MBA Program for HR Professionals

When looking to further your education in today’s corporate environment, flexibility is a must. Going back to school is an excellent way to further a career and obtain a better job with a higher salary. Balancing work, school and family responsibilities is integral to the success of every working MBA student.

“As an employed individual, you may question your ability to earn an MBA while working because … you’ll be adding an extensive learning load to your regular work and familial responsibilities,” writes Jeremy Alder for Online MBA Today. “Despite these challenges, you can achieve the worthwhile goal of obtaining an advanced degree by being focused and organized.”

If you’re a busy HR professional, an online MBA program is the best way to advance your education.

Lifestyle Management

Managing your work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges for a professional, and adding school into the mix is a commitment that will require some forethought.

“If you are already overwhelmed by the time and mental commitments of your job, you may need to think about making some changes (such as delegating certain responsibilities or not committing to overtime) before deciding to take on the rigors of higher education,” says The Best Master’s Degrees. “Going back to school for a master’s degree while working full time is possible, but it requires an honest look at your lifestyle.”

Good online MBA programs can provide the flexibility needed to maintain balance in your life, while simultaneously being rigorous enough to provide you with the tools needed to advance your career.

Your Employer Can Be Your Ally

Depending on your employer, you may receive encouragement for furthering your education. Going back to school shows a dedication to your field, and chances are your employer will be willing to work with you to help you achieve your MBA.

“Once you’ve decided to become an MBA graduate, share this information with your employer,” writes Alder. “It’s likely that your boss will see the value that your advanced education will add to the business.” Employees with an MBA can be a valuable asset to any company, and smart employers will do what they can to help you along the way.

A Gateway to Higher Pay

According to Human Resources MBA, “Completing an HR MBA degree program will qualify you for senior management positions. This concentration can open doors to employment opportunities in a number of industries, since organizations of all sizes must deal with Human Resources issues and concerns.” Human resources is one of the most versatile careers, and obtaining a specialized MBA can help set you apart from your contemporaries.

As of February 2018, PayScale reports that HR managers make an average salary of $64,074, while directors make $85,307. Further up the chain, vice presidents of HR make an average salary of $134,165. It is a field with the potential for significant growth, and an MBA is the gateway to many of the higher-paying positions.

Online MBAs are increasingly popular among working professionals who require a flexible curriculum. Although balancing work, family and school can be difficult, it is achievable through organization and commitment to your goal.

As Jeremy Alder writes, “Earning your MBA while working is challenging, but you can accomplish it and maintain a satisfying personal life by establishing a consistent routine that includes time for study, work, family, and friends.”

Learn more about Fitchburg State University’s online MBA in Human Resources Management program.


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