Affordable Online Master in Educational Leadership Program

Earning your master’s degree in educational leadership can open up multiple career paths, both inside and outside the classroom. However, a number of questions need answers before you can begin. Should I attend school in person or enroll in an online program? How many hours are required? When can I start? How much will it cost?

But the most important question may be “Which school will give me the best education for the money?”

Fitchburg State University’s Online Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management

The ideal program to expand your skillset as an educator and administrator is available from Fitchburg State University. Accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), Fitchburg State offers a 100% online program that is both accessible and convenient.

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Management online program consists of 33 credit hours and can be completed in as few as 12 months. It is a non-licensure program and no teaching license is required to apply. With multiple start dates per year, and a pay-by-the-course policy, Fitchburg State offers flexibility to working professionals.

Fitchburg State’s Program is Affordable

Including tuition and all fees, the cost per credit for the M.Ed. In Educational Leadership and Management program at Fitchburg State is $385, with a total cost of $12,705, making this one of the more affordable online Master of Education in Leadership programs available.

Although many schools charge a different tuition for out-of-state students and in-state students, the online program at Fitchburg State costs the same, regardless of your address.

Tuition at Other Massachusetts Schools

The cost of tuition at Fitchburg State compares very favorably to other schools in Massachusetts. For example:

  • Boston College Lynch School of Education and Human Development offers an online master’s degree in educational leadership and policy. At a cost of $1,538 per credit hour, this 30-credit-hour program costs $46,140 for in-state and out-of-state students.

Compared with similar programs that are not offered in an all online format, Fitchburg is a good economic choice. For example:

  • Bridgewater State offers two master’s degree programs that focus on educational leadership, with a per-credit cost of $475.25 for Massachusetts residents and $724.25 for nonresidents. The non-licensure program consists of 30-credit-hours, totaling $14,257.50 for residents and $17,109 for nonresidents. The initial licensure program consists of 36 credit-hours for a total program cost of $21,727.50 for Massachusetts residents and $26,073 for non-Massachusetts residents. Although the Bridgewater State website mentions “via online” for these programs, neither is included in their online catalog.
  • University of Massachusetts/Boston offers an advanced degree program in educational leadership with a focus on social justice, but it is not available in an online format. Their program cost is $9,444 per 12-credit-hour semester for in-state students and $18,217.50 per 12-credit-hour semester for out-of-state students. The 36-credit-hour program would cost $28,332 (plus additional fees) in-state, and $54,652.50 (plus additional fees) out-of-state.

The Fitchburg State Online M.Ed. in Ed. Leadership Program

In addition to being quite affordable, the Fitchburg State online program will teach you managerial skills in multiple arenas. You will acquire an expanded knowledge base in the field of leadership and management as well as the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to lead and manage an educational enterprise effectively and successfully.

Learn more about Fitchburg State University’s online Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Management program.

All tuition data is from February 2020.

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